So, you’ve met your match, your soulmate and companion for life and now plan to pop the question and begin your exciting new adventure in your lives together? There is so much thought that goes into a proposal, from the perfect ring to the choice of words and of course the picture-perfect setting to make it unforgettable.

We may not be able to help you with the ring and speech, but we can certainly create a memorable setting in Africa, which truly is the most magical setting there is. It’s no surprise that even Prince William journeyed all the way to Africa for his momentous proposal!We have therefore made it easy for you and compiled a list of our Top Five Places to pop the questions this Valentines that are a sure-fire way to get that “YES”! Located on the banks of Lake Kariba, surrounded by the beauty of the natural African bush, Changa Safari Camp is a luxury camp that offers many idyllic and romantic settings. It is always exciting when there is a proposal to plan or to celebrate and our skilled and friendly team are here to help facilitate and personalize this occasion, to make it the best experience of your lives.

Couple on the shores of Lake Kariba
  1. Walking Safari + Private Picnic

The early bird catches the worm and in this case, being an early riser who sets off on a private walking safari, will no doubt catch a loved one by surprise!

One of the best ways to feel truly part of the African bush is to set out early on a morning walking safari and experience all of what the Matusadona National Park has to offer. Imagine a few hours of exploring the fauna and flora, listening to the birds coming to life and observing wildlife begin their day. Our professional guide will then lead you to your very own romantic private picnic, all set for the moment when you’re ready to get down on one knee.

Lake Side Bush Picnic

2. Sundowner Cruise on Lake Kariba

This dramatic and romantic location offers panoramic views of Lake Kariba, fresh air and the sounds of the wild travelling across the watery plane at sunset. We can arrange for the bubbly to be chilled, snacks to be prepared and a remarkable spot on the lake, with the famously spectacular Kariba sunset as your backdrop. What more do you need?

Famous Lake Kariba Sunset

3. Matusadona National Park Game Drive

Take your sweetheart on safari and feel the thrill of the wild before stopping at an open plain overlooking the of the National Park. You’ll most likely have an audience of elephants, zebra and impala silently cheering you on. Certainly, an unconventional and unique tale to tell when you get home.

Game Driving at Changa

4. Private Beach on Lake Kariba

African skies are made for romance and those who have admired its twinkling vastness will certainly agree. Why not ask for your soulmate’s hand in marriage under a carpet of starry skies on a private sandy beach? With the warmth of a log fire, chilled champagne by your side and the lullaby of lapping water, this is sure to be a story that will be re-told again and again.

Couple on private beach

5. Privacy of your Tent

 If you would prefer to share this moment in romantic solitude, we can set the mood in your luxury safari tent. Create an element of surprise when you return from an afternoon game drive to find your tent set up for romance. With an outside bubble bath, candles and champagne at the ready, followed by a private dinner on your private balcony. With the stillness of the night, the clink of glasses will be all you hear as you toast to ‘making it official’!

Apart from offering you advice and helping you set up the perfect proposal, our staff would be delighted to be your secret photographers, hiding somewhere discreet to capture those anticipatory moments and the celebratory moments after. We will ensure that you will capture and have Instagram worthy proposal pictures!

A proposal is just the beginning, your dream wedding awaits you and a romantic honeymoon too. We hope this is just the beginning of your journey with us at Changa Safari Camp.

Changa Safari Tent