Things to Do

There are several activities at Changa Safari Camp, providing guests with a choice of how they wish to spend their day. From early morning game walks, fishing for the famed fighting tiger fish and photographing wildlife whilst on a game drive – these are just a few of the adventures on offer.

For those that want to take some time out to relax, you do not have to venture too far from camp to see wildlife as there are regular visitors including elephants, bush babies, monkeys, squirrels and on the rare occasion, a resident leopard.


Photographic Safari

Going on safari is an exciting prospect and, for many, when the dust has been wiped off your boots and the hat hung up till next time, there is no greater pleasure than poring over the special moments you’ve captured on camera. You can now book an experienced photographer, Neil to join you on safari at Changa. No matter what your skill level, Neil will provide you with a better understanding and appreciation of your wild subjects, and you will come away from the experience vastly enriched, not just with magical memories, but with a renewed passion for wildlife, nature and the art of photography. If you would like to book Neil for your next photographic adventure, please get in touch here.

Game Walks

One of the best ways to experience and feel a part of the African bush. Our professional guides have expert knowledge of the area and accompanied by them, you can be introduced to the Matusadona National Park in a completely different way. Walks are best in the early mornings or late afternoons when it is not too hot. We recommend wearing neutral or “bush” coloured clothing and as the terrain can be uneven and rocky, comfortable walking shoes and socks are required.

Game Walks Changa Kariba
Fishing At Sunset Lake Kariba


Lake Kariba is the world’s largest man-made lake, covering almost 5,600 square kilometers and this vast expanse of fresh water is home to some fantastic fish species including the famous Tiger fish, Tilapia bream, Catfish and the mighty Vundu. For most of the year, Lake Kariba is truly one of the greatest places in Africa for fishing.

For those guests who like to have a go at catching their own lunch or dinner, your daily catch can be returned to you ‘a la’ snacks deliciously prepared for you by the chef. Fishing is available throughout the day and we have experienced guides specifically for this activity.

Sanyati Gorge Trips

A short boat ride across the lake will bring you to the scenic Sanyati Gorge, where you can meander peacefully through the steep cliffs for up to 10 km. The Sanyati Gorge is both unspoilt and undisturbed with an abundance of birdlife, the occasional sighting of antelope and great fishing. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars for this activity as the dramatic landscape will leave you speechless.

Sanyati Gorge Trips Changa Safari Camp

What might of been and what was!!

“Room 3 with a great view over the lake. The staff were excellent always helpful and couldn’t do enough, Amazing food all three days we stayed. Elephant and Leopard seen in camp whilst we were there but we were asleep. Having said that we saw Elephants , Impala, Common Duiker , Steenbok, Warthogs, Tortoises no end of birds and raptors, highlight seeing a Cheeetah!! We had Greg as our guide absolutely amazing, with Cher as overseer of the operation couldn’t find fault . All brilliant and with a laundry service included. Thanks”

TripAdvisor Review, February 2020

Birding Lake Kariba

Bird Watching

Bird watching can be done on either a gentle boat cruise or a game drive in the morning or afternoon. The birdlife in the park is prolific, with 350 different species identified in the area including ducks, herons, plovers and storks that congregate along the waterfront and darters and cormorants who use the dead tree base for their fishing forays. Other adept fisherman are ospreys and the iconic African fish eagle who is often seen perched majestically on a high branch and whose clear, ringing call has to be the most characteristic and evocative sound on Lake Kariba.

Make sure you take along your “Checklist of Birds” provided in your room!

Game Drives

Changa Safari Camp is situated in a private concession area within the famed Matusadona National Park and is a stunning combination of flat plains and rugged mountain country. The north of the park is within the Mopane woodlands ecoregion and the south within miombo woodlands ecoregion.

Our open game vehicles are the perfect way to discover the area, providing a fantastic opportunity to see a variety of game, including lion, cheetah and elephant whilst taking in the beautiful scenery. Occasionally you may come across some fresh tracks on a drive so wear comfortable shoes just in case you choose to track the animal for a short while! There are early morning and afternoon game drives available.

Changa Game Drive
Boat Trips Kariba Changa

Boat Cruises

Relax and enjoy one of Lake Kariba’s most popular activities and a favourite at Changa. If you are interested in birding, then our boat cruise is perfect for you as it will provide a different vantage point to get up close and personal to numerous species of birds. Whilst drifting along the banks of the lake, you will also encounter some great wildlife sightings in their peaceful surroundings.

What better way to end your day in Kariba, than listening to the sounds of hippo around you and witnessing an unforgettable sunset on the lake.