Enjoying delicious food whilst on holiday, adds value to any trip and ensures the experience is even more memorable. At Changa Safari Camp, we ensure that our guests leave with not only memories of the luxury accommodation they enjoyed, our friendly and welcoming staff and exciting safari adventures to recount over the year, but also of the amazing food they ate. Take a look at what some of our recent guests had to say here about the dining experience they had with us here.

Private Dining By The Pool Changa Safari Camp

Meals at Changa Safari Camp are just one of the many highlights of the day.

The Changa Safari Camp kitchen team is made up of five dedicated chefs: Edson, Tanaka, Mustaffa and Douglas who are all under our Head Chef, Sheu’s, guidance. Edson was trained in camp by Chef Sheu and has an incredible understanding of flavour combinations. Tanaka schooled in London in his final high school years and then spent time in Italy and France training as a chef, and he can speak fluent French as a result! Mustaffa and Douglas are both quickly gaining experience working under Chef Sheu’s skilful eye. Chef Sheu also spends time at our sister camp, The Hide, located in Hwange National Park training up the chefs there to ensure his skills are shared throughout the region.

Full English Breakfast Changa Safari Camp

Full English breakfast served up daily.

Continual sourcing of fresh and local produce is a logistical feat for any remotely located safari camp and as we are in the Matusadona National Park, we need to ferry across all our produce and supplies from across the lake. We are happy to share with you that most of our vegetables and herbs are grown organically in a garden at our head office and for all other provisions, we support local farmers and producers in both Kariba and Harare.

Dining At Changa Safari Camp

Lunch feast along the banks of Lake Kariba.

As seasons change, new produce becomes available and Chef Sheu enjoys updating the menu with new dishes and flavours. He is also very happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions like banting, gluten-free or even vegan on request, as this allows him to showcase his huge repertoire of recipes.

Dining At Changa Safari Camp

A gourmet feast awaits you at Changa Safari Camp.

When asking guests what their favourite meal is, they all exclaim how difficult it is to choose but over the years, an all-time favourite is our rich carrot cake with pecan nuts, paired with a chilled glass of Changa Iced Tea.

Tea Time Changa Safari Camp

Our afternoon tea is baked fresh everyday

Both creativity and lots of thought gets put into our daily menu and today we would like to share with you, one our personal favourite desserts – Amarula Créme Brulee!

Amarula Créme Brulee Recipe

The marula fruit is popular among animals like giraffes, monkeys and elephants and we can see why when we enjoy a glass of this delicious liqueur, which when paired with our famous créme brulee, is unbeatable!

Creme Brulee Recipe Changa Safari Camp

Amarula Créme Brulee: happiness in each spoonful


200ml Double Cream
100ml Milk
4 Egg Yolks
50g Sugar
100ml Amarula Liqueur


  1. Bring the double créme and Amarula to a gentle simmer.
  2. Whisk together the egg yolks and sugar.
  3. Carefully pour the cream mixture into the yolk-sugar mixture, stirring continuously and mix together thoroughly.
  4. Pass the mixture through a fine sieve and then pour the brulee mix directly into ramekins.
  5. Place the ramekins in a bain-marie and pop into an oven set at 80 degrees for 60 minutes.
  6. Once cooked the mix should have a wobbly yet set texture and should not resemble a liquid.
  7. Place the ramekins into a fridge to set and once they are ready, dust them with a thin layer of sugar and for the ultimate touch, burn with a blow torch to create that crusty caramel layer which we all love.