“The Lakeshore Killers” – A documentary on National Geographic

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Shot off the shores of our home, Matusadona National Park – Zimbabwe, is this intriguing video about a day in the lives of three male lions entering their prime.

” Life here isn’t easy, as some of the kills are executed on the shoreline and with that comes the competitive nature of the crocodiles.

Survival is the common thread throughout this engaging story and the urge to pass on their genes to ensure a positive future for the lions of the lakeshore.

You’ll also experience a bird’s-eye view of the lions’ survival tactics and see how they adapt their hunting skills in surprising ways in order to survive.” As National Geographic describes this episode.

You can catch the next showing on;
Friday 26 February at 11:00AM – Nat Geo Wild
Repeats: 26 February at 5:00PM – Nat Geo Wild
Wednesday 2 March at 2:00PM – Nat Geo Wild

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