Take a Walk on the Wild Side

There is nothing quite a like a bush walk for a fully immersive safari experience – when you explore the Matusadona National Park on foot, you will hear every rustle and call, feel the warmth of the earth rising up, smell the dust and animals, and feel with your heart the rhythm of the wild! Taking a game walk at Changa Safari Camp is one of the favourite activities of guests for good reason.

Changa Safari Camp Guided Safari Walks
Changa Safari Camp Lion Footprint
Changa Safari Camp Lions
Changa Safari Camp Guided Bush Walks

Step to It…

What time are the walks?

For those of you adventurous by nature, a walking safari is one of the most enthralling ways to experience the African wilderness. We offer a morning walk daily.

“The activities offered were personalised. On all our trips it was just the two of us consequently the experience was tailored to our interests. The guides were knowledgeable, attentive, helpful and lovely people who made us feel special. We saw so many animals both on land and in the lake and loved every minute”.

TripAdvisor Review, April 2019

Where will you walk?

The bush walks are in the Matusadona National Park, both along the actual shoreline, the long grassy savanna and in the lightly forested areas. Take a look at our Changa Experience to see the sort of terrain you can expect on a guided walk.

What can you expect to see?


On a guided safari walk, you will have the opportunity to encounter Matusadona’s wildlife from a unique perspective – eye-level! The bigger mammals that you may see include elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and cheetah. Bush hikes give ample time to also appreciate the smaller creatures and stunning flora that you don’t get to see up close when you are in a vehicle – even the industrious dung beetle is fascinating to watch and learn about! Read a first hand account from a guest:

“I recently got the privilege of wandering through the bush near Changa Safari Camp in Kariba with a very knowledgeable guide to school me on all things wild. The walk started off early in the morning to avoid us trudging along once the sun had started its daily assault on the Kariba soil. We took a slow careful stroll along the magnificent shoreline of Lake Kariba, following tracks of elephant, zebra and even a set of tracks left by two lionesses and their cubs, which we luckily did not bump into.

We spent some time crouched quietly in the bushes watching herds of zebra and impala feeding on the grasslands, with shadows of grey elephants lumbering along in the backdrop. We stopped often on our walk, to learn about the numerous spoors and the dung to go along with them, as well as the foliage that we were brushing past, and various medicinal uses of the plants, great if we were ever in a pickle! Our guide, Nicholas, was extremely clued up on the different uses for various plants and eagerly showed us some survival techniques, useful if we were ever to find ourselves stuck in the bush!”

What should you wear?

We recommend wearing neutral or “bush” coloured clothing and as the terrain can be uneven and rocky, comfortable walking shoes and socks are required. Please also remember a hat, sunglasses and sun cream for protection from the sun. Your guide will bring along plenty of cold water for you to drink.

Learn about Our Guides

What really makes walking in the Matusadona National Park so magical is the skill and passion of our guides. Our professional guides are all licensed, with many years of experience with a deep knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area. Each and every year, we  run an annual week of Professional Guide Training, with our sister camp, The Hide, to make sure our guides are the very best in the business, and can deliver a memorable safari for you! Take a watch of these videos to learn more about the guide training.

What Makes a Guide?

Weapons Handling & Safety

It’s all about Passion