Matusadona Anti-Poaching Project

MAPP is the Matusadona Anti-Poaching Project. This is a joint initiative between Changa Safari Camp and Spurwing Island, that was set up in March 2013 for the preservation of wildlife in the Matusdadona National Park. 

MAPP Objectives

The Trust’s objectives include, but are not limited to the following areas:

  1. To assist the Zimbabwean Parks and Wildlife Mangement Authority and its successors or assigns in preserving the fish population and wildlife including elephant populations in the greater Lake Kariba area, with particular focus on the Matusadona National Park, for the benefit of the citizens of the Republic of Zimbabwe in perpetuity;

  2. Mobilising resources for aquatic wildlife conservation, including but not limited to law enforcement and protected  area management;

  3. Planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating aquatic/ wildlife conservation projects in the Kariba area of Zimbabwe with particular emphasis on eradicating elephant and fish poaching, illegal fishing activities and related illegal activities;

  4. Developing and maintaining infrastructures and systems for efficient and effective aquatic wildlife and protected area management;

  5. Elephant and fish population management;

  6. Engagement and participation of communities adjoining the Matusadona area in the planning and development of elephant conservation programmes/projects;

  7. Human-wildlife conflict mitigation programmes;

  8. Aquatic wildlife conservation research;

  9. Promotion of aquatic conservation education and awareness;

  10. Elephant wildlife conservation research.

MAPP Boat patrols
MAPP Vehicles

How does MAPP work?

MAPP’s role is to provide logistical support to the law enforcement authorities, which includes ZPWMA, the Zimbabwean Police force and their different departments. MAPP is not an enforcer of the law but rather a tool to assist with law enforcement. MAPP’s operations are divided into water based and land-based operations. The former deals with fish poachers who are often sources of transport and information to the more sinister land-based poachers. MAPP’s land-based operations focus on the effective deployment of and support to foot patrols.  MAPP also works with  ZPWMA, Police and Rural District Council scouts outside the Park, manning roadblocks, conducting weapons searches and verification exercises, and reacting to information fed into the MAPP HOTLINE (+263 783 465 409) which is manned by the ZPWMA investigations department.

MAPP is heavily reliant on public donations and funding, and any help towards our objective of saving the wildlife of Matusadona would be greatly appreciated.