This year has not only been a memorable and exciting time for Zimbabwe as a nation but here at Changa Safari Camp, we have also made some sensational new additions to camp, had some notable visitors and experienced some exhilarating adventures.

New Infinity Pool

Lapped by the waters of Lake Kariba, overlooking panoramic views of the plain, we decided it was time to build a bigger watering hole of our own (not to be shared with hippos and crocodiles)!

We now have a stunning new infinity swimming pool and spacious deck where guests can enjoy a relaxing few hours lounging in the heat of the day, cocktail in hand. Our deck has been made from natural materials, blending in with the environment.

Changa Safari Infinite Pool

Sheunopa Mhaka

Changa Safari Luxury Dining

Our guests often say that meal times are the highlight of their day and that’s a huge accomplishment considering how exciting and unique each day at Changa Safari Camp is. We were delighted to welcome this year, an incredibly talented new chef who will not only add to this tradition but enhance it, adding his flare to each dish he creates.

Sheunopa Mhaka is from Zimbabwe and completed his training overseas. He returned home to share his culinary talents and travels and his passion for creating gourmet dishes, keeps guests returning again and again.

Stay updated on Sheunopa’s culinary creations by following our Facebook page here:

Fresh Muchero

Fresh Muchero began his career with Changa in February 2012, right in the beginning when the camp was being built. He became the head of our Maintenance Department and is a genius at fixing anything and everything.

In 2014, Fresh obtained his boat drivers’, Coxswain’s License and this year became one of our Fishing Guides at Changa. It doesn’t stop there! Fresh has now moved on to study for his Learner Guides’ License where he aims to become one of our professional guides in a few years’ time. In addition to being a talented individual, Fresh is also a family man and is married with six children, supports the Chelsea Football Team and enjoys watching movies about our beautiful Africa.

Changa Fresh Muchero

Nicole and Ben Visit Changa

Nicolle and Ben Visit Changa

This year we have had some fabulous seasoned travel bloggers Nicole Eddy and Ben Brown to stay with us at Changa and we even had television star, Kristina Guberman, come and film the “Epic Safari Girl” at Changa. It’s always incredible to witness the attention to detail and each moment these guests take to ensure they get the best shots and material for their work and we so enjoyed being a part of this.

Nicole and Ben are well-known travel, lifestyle and healthy living bloggers and on YouTube alone, they have nearly a million followers between them. Check out their incredible video, “The Greatest Sunset on Earth” recorded on Lake Kariba, right near camp:

Kristina’s Blog of Changa

Kristina’s blog of her Changa adventures is entertaining and beautifully compiled. and certainly, worth a read. Take a look here and let us know what you think –

Kristina was especially impressed by the abundance of wildlife she experienced in her few short days with us. Her wildlife sightings included elephants, hippos, buffalo and even managed a stare off with a young relaxed male lion! Local Zimbabwean’s love to boast that we have the best sunsets around and with a sunset captured like this, who would not agree!

Kristina Visits Changa

The Matusadona Lion Project

Changa Safari Lion Project

Changa Safari Camp is a proud supporter of The Matusadona Lion Project. Led by Principal Researcher, Rae Kokeš, and by assistant researchers PWMA Ecologist, Ashley Mudungwe, and Kristoffer Everatt, The Matusadona Lion Project works hard to preserve the lion population of Matusadona and other large carnivores, and to promote its long-term viability within a meta-population scale by improving the connectivity with other wildlife areas of Sebungwe.

This year the Lion project has embarked on some epic adventures and had some amazing sightings. After an extremely close encounter with the Eastern Pride, Rae, was able to educate Kristina on some of their current research and show her the techniques being done to increase the lion population in the area.

We have had an exciting year and look forward to all the guests we will meet in 2018 and all the exciting adventures ahead at Changa Safari Camp!