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Sunset Over Lake Kariba Changa

Our 2018 Wrap Up

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Here at Lake Kariba, the end of the year is signalled by the start of the rainy season. Almost overnight, a thirsty brown landscape turns green and lush, signaling that...
Fishing At Lake Kariba Changa Safari Camp

Fish Of Kariba: The Vundu

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A fisherman’s dream begins at Lake Kariba - the world’s largest man-made lake covering almost 5,600 square kilometres. This expansive body of life-giving water is home to some of the...
Game Drive Changa Safari Camp

A Day in Paradise at Changa Safari Camp

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"I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy"- Ernest Hemmingway. Curious to know what a day in paradise at Changa Safari Camp...
Creme Brulee Recipe Changa Safari Camp

The Perfect Safari Dessert – Our Amarula Crème Brulee

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Enjoying delicious food whilst on holiday, adds value to any trip and ensures the experience is even more memorable. At Changa Safari Camp, we ensure that our guests leave with...
Activities Changa Safari Camp LAke Kariba

June 2018 – Camp Update

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With six months of the year almost coming to an end, we feel it would be a good time to share our latest camp updates from Changa Safari Camp. We...
Changa Safari Dining

12 Facts You Did Not Know About Lake Kariba

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Changa Safari Camp is perfectly located on nearly 4 kilometres of prime lakeshore frontage on the world’s largest man-made lake: Lake Kariba. This large expanse of water is often referred...
Lifer Bird Changa Safari Camp

Our Very Own Lifer Siting

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Changa Safari Camp has a prime location on the banks of one of the world’s largest man-made dams: Lake Kariba- which has year-round water and so invites an abundance of...
Changa Safari Camp Fishing Activity

Find out who is Sarah Graham’s Biggest Fan on Lake Kariba?

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Tucked away in the magical Matusadona mountains, Changa Safari Camp is in the heart of Lake Kariba, boasting nearly 4 kilometers of lakeshore frontage. Lake Kariba is the world’s largest...
Changa couple with heart in clouds

Our Top 5 Romantic Places to Propose

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So, you’ve met your match, your soulmate and companion for life and now plan to pop the question and begin your exciting new adventure in your lives together? There is...
Changa Camp Outside Bathroom

A five star gem!

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Changa Safari Camp is a five-star gem, beautifully laid out underneath a well shaded area with a beautiful bay and some…

A Walk On The Wild Side

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It is not often one gets to wander through the untamed wilderness, weaving between the foliage and the beasts that…

Its a Birds life at Changa

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Birding at Changa Safari Camp is a great experience all year round, but the peak time for birding is during…

Changa Safari Lion Project

Changa Safari Camp
Highlights for 2017

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This year has not only been a memorable and exciting time for Zimbabwe as a nation but here at Changa Safari Camp, we have also made some sensational new additions...
Changa Kariba Dam Wall Construction

The Legend of Nyami Nyami

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Superstition and folklore are a significant part of African culture, and Zimbabweans are no exception. Stories of how the ostrich got its neck and why hippo’s don’t eat fish are...
Changa Safari Fishing at Sunset

Tiger Fishing in Lake Kariba

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“Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers" so said Herbert Hoover, the 31st president of...
Operation Noah

The Legend of Rupert Fothergill

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In a secluded area of the Matusadona National Park lies the beautiful Changa Safari Camp. The area is rich in history. Every tree, bush and animal within the area has...
Fishing Changa Success

Fish of Kariba: Bream and Tilapia

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Lake Kariba is certainly one of Africa’s best, and prettiest, lakes to fish in. Over 40 different fish species call the lake home from shoals of kapenta to the fighting...

Land + Lake = Love It!

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Lake Kariba is a magical destination to visit whilst you are in Zimbabwe – indeed it is a firm favourite with locals for good reason. Changa Safari Camp, located on...
Changa Matusadona lion and lioness

8 Amazing Facts About Lions

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1. Lions are listed as a ‘vulnerable’ species. Despite their status as ‘King of Beasts,’ they are under serious threat…


Feeling the love this February?

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February is the month of romance and whilst we are all feeling in love we thought it would be a good time to share our top tips to planning the...
#choosechanga sunsets kariba

22 Reasons to #chooseChanga

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Compiling this list for the #ChooseChanga campaign was great fun, although our list of reasons on why Changa Safari Camp is the best place to stay in Kariba, exceeded 22,...
Changa Safari Camp Lion Eating Crocodile

“The Lakeshore Killers” – A documentary on National Geographic

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  Shot off the shores of our home, Matusadona National Park – Zimbabwe, is this intriguing video about a day in…

Leopard At Changa

Every Cloud has a silver lining…

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Changa is looking magical as always with panoramic views, scenic skies, the majestic Matusadona mountains in view and as green season…

Head Chef Sheu at Changa Safari Camp

A new Executive Chef in the Changa kitchen

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We are very proud to introduce you to our new Executive Chef, Sheunopa Mhaka who recently joined the Changa team. Having spent the last six years working overseas, Sheunopa felt it...
Elephant Changa Safari Camp lake Kariba

Getting up close and personal with Elephant

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The opportunity to see elephants up close and personal is really a sight to behold and you almost have to…

Why Changa holds a special place in our hearts

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Written by Ingrid Fraser My husband Allan and I have both enjoyed visiting Lake Kariba for as long as we…

Happy 2015 from a very wet Changa !

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Happy New Year to you all, we hope you had a fantastic time!  Changa was full to the brim with…

Changa Safari Camp Fine Dining

A Christmas in the African Bush

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Christmas time spent in the African bush is always a magical occasion and we delight in sharing this wonderful time…

Let’s set sail ……

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We are delighted to have recently introduced sailing to our activities list at Changa Safari Camp.  Jump on board our…

Are you ready for the Changa experience?

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Do you long to break away ‘from the madding crowd?’ Do you yearn for ‘…the waters and the wild?’ Do…

Beautiful landscapes At Changa Safari Camp Lake Kariba

Time to go exploring

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Getting up early is not everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly has its rewards once you see the beautifully…

Changa Private Hot Tub

Changa “under canvas”

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Beautifully designed to blend into the natural environment, our tented accommodation at Changa really is luxury “under canvas”.  The epitome…

#choosechanga the beach

Wintry Weather and Windy Days

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The changing of seasons at Changa has been beautiful to watch. Matusadona has succumbed to the cool wintry weather, while the wind whips the lake…

Changa Safari Game Drive

Newsletter May 2014

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Please click the link below to view our May 2014 Newsletter.  

Changa Matusadona lion and lioness

Listening to Lions

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The African bush often and inexplicably, has a profound effect on those fortunate enough to be in the right place…

Changa Safari Camp WIldlife

Magical March at Changa

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March has been a magical month, thunderstorms continue their crackling concerto over the escarpment and beautiful cumulonimbus clouds build up…