A five star gem!

By January 16, 2018 No Comments

Changa Safari Camp is a five-star gem, beautifully laid out underneath a well shaded area with a beautiful bay and some islands when the lake is low, and again those long-dead naked trees standing silently and majestically along the shoreline and in the shallows. The various buildings – luxurious tented accommodation (10 units, five on either side of the main complex), open lounge, open dining room with large adjacent wooden deck, the bar and the pool area, are connected by boardwalks. No money or effort was spared to make the camp beautiful, elegant and comfortable, and it impacts only minimally on the lovely bush which engulfs it, something we greatly appreciated. The very large sleeping tents have fans, a shower, an outside bath where one can soak ‘alfresco’ if so inclined, and a little deck inviting guests to sit and  read a book or watch the sunrise. They are well spaced and completely private, very cleverly done indeed.


Here again, the staff were tops and an important factor in making our brief stay so memorable. The excellent food was ‘nouvelle cuisine’ which made it easier not to over-indulge. Drinks were included in the daily rate and so were enjoyed at lib. A little sandy beach (not at the water’s edge when we were there) was ideal for loafing during the day and for sitting around the fire in the evenings. The dining room furniture was moved to the deck, shaded by trees, for the festive dinners. My 80th birthday was celebrated after an early morning game drive and brunch on the deck of Cary and Gust’s accommodation, and again with a bottle of champagne at dinner time. The lovely stand-in manageress Nikki appeared with a beautifully decorated birthday cake at tea-time, and this was shared with the few other guests.


We went on a couple of enjoyable game drives with Greg, our excellent Guide, before returning to camp for brunch. On a sunset boat trip up the spectacular Sanyati Gorge as far as the first ‘crossroads’, past the vacant Safari camp (Katete?) perched on the steep hillside near its entrance where some of us stayed many years ago. Warthogs, a few Zebra, plenty of jumbo, a Dwarf Mongoose and many Impala were seen.