Study after study, has proven that taking a holiday is good for your general health and happiness. Now you’ve chosen to come on holiday, here’s how to make the most out of a vacation to Changa Safari Camp:

1. The anticipation is (almost) as good as a holiday!

It is often quoted that just by booking a holiday and researching what you will do whilst on vacation gives you a big boost to your happiness. We are more than happy to help with your “pre-trip happiness” too and suggest you check out our Instagram and Facebook to see all the fun you have to look forward to.

Girls Trip Changa

2. Create memories with loved ones

Whether its an anniversary, a much-needed girls trip, a big gathering of friends or a family expedition, sharing a holiday together bonds and strengthens relationships. It also has the added bonus of creating memories that will last for a lifetime – you can look forward to many re-tellings of “when I caught the biggest fish ever” over Christmas meals!

From start to finish, this is a special experience. Went in May with friends and had a fantastic experience. 

3. Go exploring

We offer a range of activities to suit our guests – from morning game walks, to fishing and boating on the beautiful Lake Kariba, or a more leisurely sundowners’ session. Guests can pre-plan their activities before the trip, or spontaneously decide on the day what to do.

Fishing Changa Zimbabwe
Bush Walks changa
Sundowners Changa Kariba

4. Disconnect from tech

Although we do have WiFi in the communal areas at the camp, we suggest that you take the opportunity of this holiday to disconnect from digital and immerse yourself in all that we have to offer. A digital detox has been proved to help lower stress levels.

5. Soak up nature

At Changa Safari Camp, each chalet has their own private outside bath and shower area, where guests can literally “soak up nature” by enjoying a hot bath under African skies. Although not quite forest bathing, we think the benefits are almost the same! Our outdoor baths are so popular even the local wildlife sometimes pop by to take a look…

“The sunsets over the lake are simply spectacular, and with the added bonus of 100s of elephants, what more could one ask for? Speaking of elephants, on our last night a big bull came into camp, and right into our outdoor bathroom. We were so close we could have touched him! We stayed calm, and so did he, so we got to experience something truly amazing until he moved on”. Geoff

Romantic Outdoor bath

6. Read a good book

Changa Safari Camp has made sure you have ample space to rest and relax…so why not pack that book you’ve been meaning to read. You have the choice of a hammock on your own private verandah, a comfy lounger by the pool, or even a seat on the boat whilst you wait for the fish to come onto the bite!

Swing Beds Changa
Hammock Changa

PS. Maybe skip the diet!

A bonus tip from us – a visit to Changa Safari Camp is not the right time to start a diet! Although we do offer a wide variety of award-winning cusine including healthy fresh salads, there are definitely some delicous desserts that are worth a try whilst on vacation.

Changa Food
Changa pastries